About Quinn Transport

Welcome to Quinn Transport and Spreading

Quinn Transport & Spreading Service is a family owned business operated by Noel and Carol Quinn along with their son Darren and has been operating successfully from its Sorell, Tasmania, base since 1981.

This Business has grown from a single vehicle to a fleet of twelve trucks, covering most parts of Tasmania daily.

Quinn Transport & Spreading Services provides specialist, innovative cost effective solutions to transporting and/or spreading of all bulk commodities throughout Tasmania.

Over 100,000 tonne of bulk material is transported every year. This includes sawdust, chicken manure, composts, woodchips, grains, fertilizer, Ag lime, gypsum, fat sand, landscape supplies, gravel etc.

All of us at Quinn Transport and Spreading are focused on job efficiency, reliability at the best possible price whilst achieving 100% customer satisfaction. All our drivers are friendly, co-operative trained professionals.


Chicken Manure,
Fertilized Loam & Sand,
Southern Agent For Mole Creek AG-Lime