Spreading Service

Quinn Transport & Spreading have been offering spreading services to south Tasmania since the late 80’s. And since that day Noel and his team of spreader operators have been growing respect from all areas of farming.

Our purpose built 4WD spreader trucks coupled with our bulk transport fleet can offer a full farm fertilizer/nutrient and material service cutting out the need to deal with more than one contractor. 

We operate 4WD spreader trucks fitted with “high flotation” tractor tyres able to carry up to 6t on-road and with the use of a self un-loading side tipping trailer ( unloads directly into the spreader) adding up to an extra 10t per trip. Also a articulated loader for loading bulk products.    

Products that we can supply and spread:

Ag lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Chicken and cow manure, sand, your own made compost, synthetic fertilizers, Renew compost, poppy meal and mulch, loam, and much more.

We take great pride in the work we undertake, every job no matter its size is treated in a professional manner we strive to complete the work with minimal impact to the environment including soil compaction, run off of nutrient, right product for the right paddock and cleaning up stock piles once finished.

Our drivers are highly skilled and trained and willing to work around your needs to complete the job. 

Quinn Transport & Spreading not only caters for the largest Sheep, cattle, Dairy and cropping operations right down to the smallest hobby farms, but also can attend to

Sporting ovals, Schools, Land Regeneration Areas, Golf Courses, Race Tracks, Pivot Irrigator Track Maintenance, Vineyards and Orchards, Horse arenas and yards.


We are a proud member of AFSA, the Australian Fertiliser Services Association.AFSA